Why didn’t I get an alert for an event that happened in my location?

The decision to issue an alert and what locations the alert will be issued for, rests with the local, regional, provincial, territorial and federal authorities.

To find out if an alert had been issued:

To verify if an alert an Alert has been issued by the authorities, you should check the SaskAlert Website and follow these steps:

  • Go to the SaskAlert website at  www.saskalert.ca
  • Scroll down to View Archived Alerts and click on it
  • Select the month for the archived alert you are looking for by clicking on the month
  • If you know the date of the alert you are looking for, click that date or scroll through all the alerts issued for that month
  • If the alert you are looking for is not displayed in the Archived Alerts that means, there wasn’t an alert issued by an authority

An alert was issued but not received:

If you know there was an alert issued but you didn’t get it on the app, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the SaskAlert app
  • Check your cellular connection
  • Check your WIFI connection (if on airplane mode or bad cell connection)

In your SaskAlert Setting check the following:

  • Check the Location setting to insure you have the locations selected you wish to receive alerts for
  • Check if you have the “Follow Me” setting on to ensure you are receiving alerts for where you are and just not your selected locations
  • Check if you have Critical and Advisory Alerts checked off or Critical Alert Only checked off