Why is the AEA app using so much of my battery?

The most significant use of battery power by the AEA app is location updates to send you alerts for locations you travel to. You can try turning off the “Follow Me” feature to conserve battery power. You will still receive alerts for the locations you have manually chosen.

Why can I not turn off the loud sound for Critical alerts?

The AEA app is designed to broadcast all critical alerts issued from authorities. Although advisory alerts can be turned off, critical alerts cannot.  However, AEA respects your device volume and do-not-disturb settings for all alerts, even critical ones. If you prefer to turn off the critical alert sounds:  turn off “Override Silent Mode” in your […]

Why can’t I set my location in AEA?

The locations that you can choose in the AEA app are official regional boundaries defined by the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) codes from Statistics Canada. If you cannot find a specific location, try searching for the larger municipality. Go into settings located top right corner of the screen Select locations – the first option in […]

Will I receive an alert if I am offline?

You must have an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection to receive an alert. If you do not have an active or strong enough connection when an alert is sent, the alert will be queued for a limited time and be sent to you once your device is connected.  Examples of offline situations include:  the device […]