How do I see only certain types of alerts?

Use the Filter button and select the type of alerts to be listed on the Alerts for Displayed map area. Click on the Filter button Under Alert type, select from the main category (Health, Natural, Weather) the alerts to be filtered out

How can I check past alerts?

Click on the Archive Button, and use the calendar view to select the date you want to check if an alert was issued.

Why can’t I find my location in Alertable web?

The locations that you can choose in the Alertable web app are official regional boundaries defined by the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) codes from Statistics Canada. If you cannot find a specific location, try searching for the larger municipality. Click on the Favourites button On the “City, Town…” field start typing the name of the […]

Will I receive an alert if I am offline?

You must have an active network or Wi-Fi connection to receive an alert. If you do not have an active or strong enough connection when an alert is sent, the alert will be queued for a limited time and be sent to you once your device is connected.  Examples of offline situations include:  No Network […]