Do I need an access code to use the Alertable app?

In the majority of cases, no. Most organizations implement standard security protocols, eliminating the need for an access code to receive alerts from them. You can verify this on the organization’s Alertable sign-up page on their website. If the sign-up process does not prompt you for an access code, you can receive their alerts without […]

How do I use a Legacy Access Code with the Alertable mobile app?

If your organization has invited you to receive alerts through the Alertable mobile app, you may need to input an access code. While this process is gradually being streamlined, you can still finalize your setup by entering your access code here: ENTER ACCESS CODE

Why do I need an access code for the Alertable mobile app?

Certain organizations implement an additional security measure, requiring users to input an access code to receive alerts from them. If you’re not receiving alerts from a particular organization, this could be the reason why. To ensure you’re set up to receive alerts, visit the organization’s website, locate the Alertable sign-up page, and choose “mobile app” […]